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Top Yoga Exercises

February 20, 2016 at 11:42 pm

There are many benefits of yoga, ranging from sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, to getting fewer colds. While all yoga exercises are helpful, you can reap more benefits from some than from others. You may not have time to go to yoga classes. A few minutes will be helpful, especially if you go for the really beneficial poses and combine them with intention, presence and breathing. Here are the top yoga exercises:


1. Easy Pose

What better way to begin yoga? The easy pose is a simple and relaxing exercise. Sit in a criss-cross position. Ensure that your back is straight and place your hands on the knees. This exercise is combined with breathing exercises to make it even more beneficial. Some of the breathing exercises that you can do are alternate nostril breathing, cleansing breath, and breathe retention. You can also opt to focus on the natural rhythm of your breath.

2. Malasana (Yoga Squat)

This pose involves squatting with the toes out and heels in. Your hands are in a prayer position in front of the chest. The exercise stretches the inner thighs and calves. It also relieves back aches. It is ideal for pregnant women as it opens the pubic symphysis.

3. Mountain Pose

After doing the easy pose and relaxing, it should be easy to do the mountain pose. It is, in essence, the standing version of the easy pose. Stand up straight, roll your shoulders down and back. Gaze ahead. The hands should be in prayer position. Breathe. This pose is the starting point for many standing postures.

4. Tree Stand

The tree stand is among the top yoga exercises for balance. The pose helps you to stabilize your body and focus your mind. It is a great pose for beginners though even advanced yoginis will still benefit from it. Begin from mountain pose, and lift your right leg. Hold the knee. If you are comfortable, place your right foot on the inside of the left thigh. Bring your hands to prayer position. Raise the arms above the head to complete the posture. Breathe and repeat the left side.

5. Camel Pose

This exercise involves standing up on the knees with the hips width apart. The hands rest on the lower back or on the heels, depending on your flexibility. The pose will stimulate glands like pituitary, thyroid, and pituitary glands. It boosts lung capacity too.

6. Warrior I

Stand with your feet 4 to 4.5 feet apart. The front toes point forward. The back foot should be on a slight angle and the feet aligned heel to heel distance. Stack the front knee above the front ankle. The front thigh needs to be parallel to the floor. Your arms extend overhead. The chest, hips and shoulders need to square forward toward the front of the room. The pose stretches the abdominal muscles, especially the psoas. Some of the ways to know that you have psoas tension are if you have a tight jaw, your teeth keep grinding and if you have general tension in your mouth. The pose gets rid of tension in the body.

All in All

The above top yoga exercises are among the most beneficial ones. Combining them with intention, presence, and breathing will make them even more beneficial.